Blog #7: Poughkeepsie Journal Op-Ed (In Press)

Pick up your favorite personal care product. Can you pronounce half the ingredients in your bottle of shampoo? Do you know the function of that ingredient “triclosan” in your toothpaste? If you do not, chances are you are not alone.

Everyday Americans cover themselves with personal care products full of harmful chemicals called endocrine disruptors, an array of chemicals that can be carcinogenic, effect hormone regulation, or disturb immune system function. Their impact doesn’t stop there. Endocrine disruptors pollute our water and sediments, adversely affecting ecosystems.

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Blog #6: Political Action

We – the EndoCrime Fighters of Arlington High School in LaGrangeville, NY – are asking New York State to ban Triclosan from personal care products in our petition and in a letter supported by the Dutchess County legislators. Our government should protect our health and our environment’s health! Triclosan has been proven to negatively impact our environment and unlike other pharmaceuticals, it has no health benefits (Yueh, 2016). The entire state of Minnesota has banned Triclosan and we want New York to follow in their footsteps. While we acknowledge that there are many other harmful chemicals in personal care products, banning triclosan is a step in the right direction which already has momentum.

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Dutchess County Legislature February 8th Meeting

On February 8th, we were honored at the Dutchess County Legislature for our work involving endocrine disruptors. We earned a commendation, and were presented with a certificate by the Chairman of the Dutchess County Legislature, Dale Borchert. Each member had the opportunity to speak about our project, and the important issue of endocrine disruptors in our personal care products. We asked the legislature to sign a letter in support of a bill that is currently sitting in committee in the state senate banning Triclosan in New York State. Here is the letter:Endocrime letter

Thank you so much to Chairman Dale Borchert and his assistant Ben, Legislator Joel Tyner, and Professor Janet Gray for all of your help along the way. We would also like to thank everyone who came out to support us tonight, including Mr. Fanuele, we could not do it without your support.IMG_8216.JPG

Speaking on Joel’s Radio Show: WHVW 950 AM

radio show.jpg

On Saturday morning, January 30th, we spoke on Joel Tyner’s radio show! From 10-11am, we talked with Joel about our project and told his listeners all about endocrine disruptors! Listen to our videos here:

It was an awesome way to spread information to our community on how they can #EndTheDisruption! Thanks for having us, Joel!

1/26 Meeting With Joel Tyner

WIth Joel

We met with Joel Tyner on January 26th. We are hoping to get legislation passed in Dutchess Country regarding triclosan, phthalates, BPA, fragrance and other endocrine disruptors. He is very excited about our issue and we plan to work very closely with him over the next few weeks. With his help, we plan to complete the following action items:

  1. Talk on Joel’s Radio Show WHVW 950 AM this Saturday morning
  2. Meet at 4:30 on Friday 2/5 to discuss problems with local environmentalists
  3. Attend the Dutchess County Legislature Meeting on Monday 2/8 at 7:00pm
  4. Create a petition
  5. Contact the Dutchess County Health Commissioner

We are looking forward to getting on the political end of Endocrine Disruptors. If you have any additional information or any ideas on how to #EndTheDisruption, let us know!

Go check out our videos on Joel’s Facebook!

Blog #5: How Do We Solve the Problem?

IMG_9435It was overwhelming for me when I began to learn about all the dangerous endocrine disruptors in my personal care products.  It seemed that every which way I turned I found a scary chemical staring me in the face: triclosan, parabens, phthalates, and more.  I questioned if I should just throw out all of my personal care products and live without hygiene in mind, but I decided that wasn’t a good idea.

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